Higher Education Council North Syria

Contact Information

Street name: Research Centre, Higher Education Building
Box: 111
Postal code and City: Idlib
Country: Syria
Phone/Fax: +35 268 160 9435
E-mail: chairman@hec-sy.com
Website: https://hec-sy.com/
Contact person: Dr. Saeed Mandow
Function of contact person: Chairman
Founding year: 2016
Legal status: non-profit academic body

Higher Education Council in Northern Syria was established in 2016 and since its establishment, it has worked to develop standards and quality assurance systems for universities, academies, and higher education institutions in Syria and in the regional region. Over the past few years, HEC has worked to develop its plans and implement the best practices for academic accreditation around the world, and has worked to sign memoranda of partnership and understanding with quality assurance councils, bodies, and agencies around the world, and worked to obtain membership in the most important international quality assurance networks.

Higher Education Council is a fully independent academic scientific body that is not subject to any considerations or interventions by any third party, and its decision-making authority is independent and has the legal, scientific and academic authority to grant and withdraw accreditation from higher education institutions.

HEC’s mission is to provide educational and scientific research opportunities that are commensurate with the foundations and standards of global development and in line with the requirements of comprehensive and sustainable development and societal needs, and to deepen the linking of higher education institutions with society and to develop their performance and outputs according to approved standards of quality and excellence. For this purpose, HEC offers institutional and programme accreditation for higher education institutions in Syria and internationally.