Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS)

Contact Information

Street name: 12, Spiru Haret St.
Postal code and City: 010176 Bucharest
Country: Romania
Phone/Fax: +40 21 206 7600/ +40 21 312 7135
Contact person: Radu Mircea Damian
Function of contact person: President / Vice-President / Head of International Relations, Projects and Cooperation Department
Founding date: 1994

Legal Bases/ Membership

Q: What is the legal basis for your agency (non-profit organization, for-profit organization, foundation, association etc.)?
A: Emergency Ordinance of the Government Nr.75/2005, approved by Law nr.87/2006 with subsequent completions and modifications. ARACIS is a Public institution.

Q: Who are the members of your agency?
A: We have the ARACIS Council; the permanent staff; the peer reviewers; the permanent specialty commissions (14); the institutional commission; the commission of the employers; the student reviewers; the consultative commission.

Services Provided

Q: Is evaluation/accreditation by your agency a national requirement? What procedures are mandatory – if any and what are chosen voluntarily/additionally?
Yes, it is a national requirement. Mandatory procedures: provisional authorizing and accreditation of Study programs, HE institutions and Master Study domains; periodic external evaluations of Study programs, HE institutions and Master study domains.

Q: Is the agency involved in programme or institutional evaluation/accreditation or both? What are the consequences of evaluation/accreditation outcomes?
A: Both. The outcome is the proposal to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research to provide provisional authorization or accreditation as well as to maintain accreditation. Each ARACIS decision is based on a judgment indicating the level of quality of the Study program or HE institution. In case of No confidence or Limited Confidence judgments the institution is obliged by law to proceed to correction measures to raise the level of its performance indicators.

Q: Please describe the structure and the activity periods of the decision-making body and state who delegates/appoints its members.
A: The decision-making body is the ARACIS Council in which there are 17 academics, 2 students, 1 representative of the employers and 1 representative of the trade-unions in Higher education, with mandates of 4 years-the maximum number of mandates a person may hold is two. The academics are appointed by ARACIS following a transparent Selection procedure, based on applications from candidates; the student representatives are nominated every year by the student confederations relevant at national level; the representative of the trade unions is nominated by the trade union with the highest number of members working in higher education; the representative of the employers is nominated by the employers confederations. The activity of the Council and staff is permanent, with one monthly plenary session of the Council. The activity of the other structures is also permanent following the schedule of the external evaluation requirements and missions.


Q: Can HEIs in your country choose international services from EQAR listed agencies?
A: Yes.

Q: Please mention the international links of your agency and especially list the international organizations your agency is a member in.
A: ENQA full member; registered in EQAR ; CEENQA; INQAAHE; ENAEE; EQANIE