Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic (ACSR)

Contact Information

Street name: The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR, Stromová 1
Postal code and City: 813 30 Bratislava
Country: Slovak Republic
Phone/Fax: +421 2 59374325
Contact person: Prof. Ing. Lubor Fisera, DrSc.
Function of contact person: Chairman
Founding date: 1990

Legal Bases/ Membership

Q: What is the legal basis for your agency (non-profit organization, for-profit organization, foundation, association etc.)?
A: ACSR is advisory body of the government of the Slovak Republic.

Q: Who are the members of your agency?
A: 21 members of ACSR are distinguished personalities (representatives) from higher education, professional and scientific institutions, including foreign experts.

Services Provided

Q: Is evaluation/accreditation by your agency a national requirement? What procedures are mandatory – if any and what are chosen voluntarily/additionally?
Accreditation by ACSR is a national requirement in accordance with Higher Education and Changes and Supplements to Some Laws (Act No.131/2002).

 Q: Is the agency involved in programme or institutional evaluation/accreditation or both? What are the consequences of evaluation/accreditation outcomes?
A: ACSR don’t evaluate HE institutions, but is involved in programme accreditation, specifically in the process of complex accreditation, in which every 6 years evaluates level of scientific outcomes in fields of studies concerned.

Q: Please describe the structure and the activity periods of the decision-making body and state who delegates/appoints its members.
A: ACSR as advisory body to the government is not the decision-making body. The decision-making body is the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR. The Accreditation Commission monitors, estimates and independently evaluates the quality of the teaching, research, development, artistic or other creative activities of higher education institutions and contributes to their improvement.


Q: Can HEIs in your country choose international services from EQAR listed agencies?
A: The Slovak Republic is not a governmental member of EQAR.

Q: Please mention the international links of your agency and especially list the international organizations your agency is a member in.
A: ACSR is a

  • Full member in CEENQA, INQAAHE
  • Affiliate member in ENQA
  • ACSR is periodically evaluated by NCFMEA (U.S.A.)