Welcome to the Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.

General Assembly & Workshop 2023

Our yearly General Assembly & Workshop took place on 2/3 June 2023 in Astana, Kazkhstan, kindly hosted by our member agency IAAR.

The workshop titled “People and Culture in QA Agencies” dealt with various topics related to HR management and staff development, ranging from general questions on the strategic level to specific good practices on how to support staff and create a productive and welcoming working environment.

During the General Assembly, our members elected Simona Lache (ARACIS, Romania) and Benjamin Muhamedbegović (HEA, Bosnia and Herzegovina) for a second, Ulkar Sattarova (TKTA, Azerbaijan) and Diane Freiberger (FIBAA, Germany) for their first term on the board. Vesna Dodiković-Jurković was elected as CEENQA’s new Vice-President. Furthermore, we welcome our new members: STAR, Turkey (full member), IKCA, Kazakhstan (full member) and HEC North Syria (observer).

You can read for details about the event and download all workshop presentations here.

Publication: Independence of Quality Assurance Agencies

Our publication reflects on the question of independence of quality assurance agencies from various perspectives, both from the inside and outside of agencies. Read more and access it here

Bi-monthly meetings

These are the presentations of our last meeting on 20 September:
INQAAHE Global Study – regional networks contribution, Vesna Dodiković-Jurković
ERI SEE – Support to Quality Assurance Systems in Higher Education in the Western Balkans, Tina Šarić
Presentation of STAR, Turkey, Hasan Bicak