Bi-Monthly Thematic Analysis

Since September 2020 our bi-monthly meetings offer a platform for member agencies and staff members to present thematic analyses, research projects, and other studies related to topics of Quality Assurance and Higher Education.

15 November 2023:
The European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes, Ronny Heintze, AQAS, Germany

20 September 2023:
INQAAHE Global Study – regional networks contribution, Vesna Dodiković-Jurković
ERI SEE – Support to Quality Assurance Systems in Higher Education in the Western Balkans, Tina Šarić

26 July 2023:
Guidelines for external assessment, NAKVIS, Slovenia, Gregor Rebernik

17 May 2023:
Setting up International Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Fabrice Hénard, CEO of INQAAHE

15 March 2023:
Ensuring Quality Digital Higher Education in Hungary, François Staring, OECD
Presentation of Chain5, the community of practice for EQF level 5, Hans Daale, Chain5

18 January 2023:
Facing Academic Integrity Threats to Ensure Quality and Standards, Salim Razı, European Network for Academic Integrity

16 November 2022:
Quality Assurance of Digital Education, FIBAA, Diane Freiberger

20 July 2022:
Higher education quality assurance in wartime, NAQA Ukraine, Nataliia Stukalo

18 May 2022:
The role of employers in improving the quality of educational activities, Elbaasy Kyrgyzstan, Chinara Babalukova

16 March 2022:
External evaluation of doctoral studies, ARACIS Romania, Madalin Bunoiu

19 January 2022:
Virtual site-visits at Higher Education Institutions: creativity, trust and other quality assurance issues, AQ Austria, Kristina Svensson

17 November 2021:
ERASMUS+ Project “Better Academic Qualifications through Quality Assurance” (BAQUAL), AKOKVO, Montenegro, Milica Kavedžić

15 September 2021:
DEQAR: supporting international transparency and automatic recognition in the EHEA, EQAR, Colin Tück

21 July 2021:
Experiences with virtual training workshops for evaluators, HEPDAK, Turkey, Ayla Bayık Temel (Vice President)

19 May 2021:
Guide for effective stakeholder involvement in QA, ARACIS, Lucien Bollaert
Virtual visits and evaluations of teacher education programmes, EPDAD, Turkey, Dinçay Köksal

17 March 2021:
Supporting quality of online/blended higher education in Georgia in post-pandemic world, NCEQE Georgia, Lali Giorgidze (Deputy Head at Higher Education QA Department)

19 January 2021:
Database Management in Accreditation Agencies, ASIIN, Germany, Arne Thielenhaus, project manager

17 November 2020:
Thematic Analysis of Distance Learning Process during COVID-19, Duška Radmanović, Head of Quality Assurance and International Cooperation Department

15 September 2020:
Maja Milas, Slovenia, International Department SQAA (NAKVIS): Independence of Accreditation Agencies