Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE)

Contact Information

Street name:  Donje Svetice 38/5
Postal code and City:  10 000 Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Phone/Fax: +385 1 6274 800/+385 1 6274 801
Contact person: Emita Blagdan
Function of contact person: Assistant Director
Founding date: 2005

Legal Bases/ Membership

Q: What is the legal basis for your agency (non-profit organization, for-profit organization, foundation, association etc.)?
A: The Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education was established by the Croatian Government as an independent, publicly funded and non-profit institution tasked with assuring and improving the Croatian system of higher education and science, and specifically, implementing external quality assurance procedures at all Croatian higher education and scientific institutions, public and private.

Q: Who are the members of your agency?
A: N/A

Services Provided

Q: Is evaluation/accreditation by your agency a national requirement? What procedures are mandatory – if any and what are chosen voluntarily/additionally? Is the agency involved in programme or institutional evaluation/accreditation or both? What are the consequences of evaluation/accreditation outcomes?
A: The Agency for Science and Higher Education performs a number of procedures which are mandatory for higher education and scientific institutions working in Croatia: initial accreditation of institutions and programmes, re-accreditation of institutions, and quality audit of institutional quality assurance systems. The accreditation and re-accreditation procedures are based on the national minimal standards and quality criteria, and result in a decision to establish or continue the higher education activity. The audit procedure can result in a certificate, or, if the decision is negative, in a potential re-audit or re-accreditation. In addition to this, the Agency performs thematic reviews and additional tasks (admissions to higher education, recognition of foreign qualifications, promotion into scientific titles).

Q: Please describe the structure and the activity periods of the decision-making body and state who delegates/appoints its members.
A: The decisions of the Agency are taken by an independent stakeholder body, the Accreditation Council, whose members are appointed by the Agency Management Board on the suggestion of stakeholders (HEIs, research institutes, student and professional associations) and serve 4 year terms.


Q: Can HEIs in your country choose international services from EQAR listed agencies?
A: According to the current Croatian legal framework, all Croatian higher education institutions and scientific organisations are subject to the Agency for Science and Higher Education procedures. 

Q: Please mention the international links of your agency and especially list the international organizations your agency is a member in.
A: The Agency is listed in EQAR and is a full member of ENQA. In addition to that, the Agency is a member of CEENQA, ECA, INQAAHE, CHEA International Group, OECD IMHE, ENIC/NARIC network and an observer in APQN.