National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA)

Contact Information

Street name: Tzarigradsko schosse 125, bl. 5
Postal code and City: 1113 Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Phone/Fax: + 359 2 807 78 11/ + 359 2 971 20 68
E-mail: secretar@neaa.government.bg
Website: www.neaa.government.bg
Introductory presentation:
Contact person: Petya Kabakchieva
Function of contact Person: President of AC
Founding date: 1996
Legal status:
public entity
International Links and membership: ENQA, EQAR

Legal Bases/ Membership

NEAA was founded with the pursuance of art. 11, para. 1 of the Higher Education Act (HEA), passed by the National Assembly on December 27, 1995. With a Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 189 of August 1, 1996 of adopting a Statute of NEAA and defining the number of employees is constituted the subordinate legislative background of the agency.

Structure – see the figure below

The number of permanent employees is 30.

According to changes in HEA of 2004, NEAA was charged with the functions of a specialized state organ for evaluation, accreditation and post-accreditation monitoring of quality of education at higher schools in Republic of Bulgaria. NEAA’s mission is related to national goals for raising the role and enhancing quality of higher education. Results of accreditation procedures are taken into account in forming the state’s education policy in the area of higher education. Obligations and rights of NEAA are regulated also by the Law on development of academic staff in Republic of Bulgaria, state requirements for regulated professions; and other legal documents.

NEAA stands up for the principles of independence, publicity and transparency in performing accreditation activities. Functions and structure of NEAA are defined in HEA (art. 86 and art. 87).

NEAA supports quality assurance of higher education by periodic institutional and program evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions in Bulgaria, professional fields, regulated professions, PhD programs; by evaluation of projects for opening new professional fields and by post-accreditation monitoring. NEAA has been implementing ESG since January 2017. NEAA is a full member of ENQA and is recorded on EQAR.