Diş Hekimliği Eğitimi Programları Akreditasyon Derneği (DEPAD)

Contact Information

Street name:Hürriyet caddesi 10/4
Postal code and City:34250 Istanbul
Contact person:Prof. Dr. Cansu Alpaslan
Function of contact person:President
Founding year:2018
Legal status:Non-profit organization

DEPAD is an independent association consisting of the Executive Board, Auditory Board, and commissions under the General Assembly, established to improve the quality of undergraduate dental education in Turkey and aims to extend activities beyond Turkey.

Total number of members is 164 and number of members serving in board and commissions is 45.

The Association was recognized and also authorized by Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC), rewarded Quality Certificate of Incorporation in March 11,2020.

Our Association is a public legal entity with administrative and financial autonomy.  Dental schools which apply for accreditation pays a special amount of application fee that gives us the financial freedom to operate independently.

The aims and objectives of DEPAD’s QA processes are to set standards for undergraduate dental education in coordination with the national qualifications framework and the standards of international associations and accreditation bodies; to evaluate the quality of undergraduate dental education according to the standards set by evaluating institutional self-assessment report and making site visits; to evaluate quality assurance policies and procedures of dental schools applying for accreditation and thereby improve the quality of undergraduate dental education.

Program accreditation is not compulsory in our country yet. However, programs are motivated to apply for accreditation and those programs who are accredited are listed in the university booklet where candidate students make choices. It is foreseen and expected that candidate students will prefer the programs that are accredited. Therefore, those programs will have successful students and their will have a good position in the rankings.