CEE Network member co-opted to INQAAHE Board

At the 3 April 2007 meeting of the INQAAHE Board, held attached to the General Assembly, in Toronto, Canada, Prof. As. Dhurata Bozo, director of the Public Accreditation Agency of Higher Education in Albania, a CEE Network member. At the INQAAHE Board she is representing the CEE region.

For more information on the upcoming CEE Network cooperation project under the Global Initiative for Quality Assurance Capacity (GIQAC) of the World Bank please go to www.inqaahe.org

Implementing Quality Assurance standards in the European Higher Education Area


The late Dr. Stefanie Hofmann represented the CEE Network at the conference in Spain titled “Implementing Quality Assurance standards in the European Higher Education Area. The way forward” on 3-4 July 2006, organised by ANECA. You can view the presentation, dealing with the CEE Network survey, at


CEE Network General Assembly and Workshop

The CEE Network held its annual workshop together with its biennial General Assembly on 29-30 May 2006 in Schloss Retzhof near Graz, Austria. Peter Williams, president of ENQA, gave a presentation about that organisation in anticipation of the CEE Network joining ENQA as an affiliate organisation. In addition to CEE Network members, Emmi Helle, ENQA acting secretary general, and Katja Kamsek of ESIB also attended.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the developments of member agencies toward attaining the European Standards since the CEE Network Survey was taken. The main outcome of the discussions was that all participating agencies meet most of the European Standards, with the greatest deficits being in the area of foreign experts, student participation, independence, and the external evaluation of agencies.

The General Assembly elected Pavol Navrat, Slovakia, as its new chairman and steering committee members Galina Motova, Russia, Ivan Panayatov, Bulgaria, Aurelija Valeikiene, Lithuania (also Treasurer), and Marek Wasowicz, Poland.

The Austrian agency AQA was given full member status, and a formal co-operation with the European Consortium of Accreditation ECA was approved. The General Assembly also voted to draw the limit of the CEE Network at the Ural Mountains.

The minutes and programme can be read by clicking on the links.

Mapping external quality assurance in Central and Eastern Europe. A comparative survey by the CEE Network

“Mapping external quality assurance in Central and Eastern Europe. A comparative survey by the CEE Network” by Stefanie Hofmann, ACQUIN, was published in the series ENQA Occasional Papers, No. 8. A limited number of copies may be ordered free of charge by writing to Christina Rozsnyai at rozsnyai@mab.hu, or by linking to www.enqa.eu/pubs.lasso

CEE Network workshop in Poznan

The CEE Network held a workshop in Poznan, Poland, on 29 May 2005. (For pictures of the meeting please visit www.uka.amu.edu.pl/ceen_galeria.html.) Participants discussed the preliminary results of the CEE Network Survey on the activities and characteristics of its member agencies. The purpose of the Survey is to identify the similarities and dissimilarities in the evaluation and accreditation practices of the agencies and to explore ways of mutual recognition of accreditation in the future. On the preceding day the Steering Committee held its annual meeting.

The Minutes, program list of participants and Steering Committee meeting program can be found here.

You can also find Dr. Hofmann’s Power Point presentation here.