CEENQA General Assembly and Workshop 2017

This year, the CEENQA held its general assembly and workshop in Zagreb, kindly hosted by the Croatian quality assurance agency ASHE. The Workshop explored the  “WAYS FORWARD TO MAKE EXTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE A MORE EFFICIENT PROCESS ” with a number of higher education experts as speakers. The program can be seen here.

The Presentations can be seen here:
Daniel Wörhoff, Germany ASIIN
Dhurata Bozo, Albania
Sandra Bezjak, Croatia

In the general assembly, Iring Wasser’s term as president of CEENQA ended and CEENQA members expressed their thanks to Dr. Wasser for his energetic leadership and the number of international projects he saw through or initiated during his office. Nora Skaburskiené was elected to the post. Two Board members, Ivan Leban and Martina Vidlakova, were re-elected for another two-year term and a new Board member, Duska Radmanovic, was elected. Christina Rozsnyai stepped down from the position of General Secretary and is succeeded by Marleen Roggan.

In addition, CEENQA accepting a new member, ANQA, from Armenia. A long-standing member, UC Poland, resigned from CEENQA as it ceased operations.

The program of the general assembly is available here.