CEENQA General Assembly and Workshop 2020

The annual meetings of CEENQA this year took place on 17 July 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic and for the first time in the history of CEENQA, these meetings were held as a web conference.

23 member agencies participated in the General Assembly and discussed CEENQA’s activities during the past year as well as the network’s plans for the future. Two new member agencies joined CEENQA – NAQA from Ukraine and ECBE from Belgium, which means that CEENQA now consists of an unprecedented 41 agencies from 26 countries!

The member agencies re-elected Franci Demsar (NAKVIS), Jolanta Silka (AIKA/AIC) and Stefan Handke (ACQUIN) for a second term on the CEENQA board, while Ibrahim Durak from TEPDAD was elected as a new board member. Franci Demsar (NAKVIS) was elected CEENQA president for a two year term.

The GA thanked the outgoing CEENQA president Cristina Ghitulica for her dedicated work during her presidency and her successful efforts in promoting the network and its vision.

During the workshop, Galina Motova (NCPA) presented the results of a survey on the influence of COVID-19 on quality assurance agencies. Afterwards, the participating agencies discussed the latest developments, activities and events in their agencies and shared their experiences and best practices regarding the challenges imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

CEENQA Workshop and General Assembly 2020 to take place on July 17

In March, the CEENQA board decided to postpone the 2020 General Assembly and Workshop until further notice, hoping to be able to conduct a face-to-face meeting at a later date. In light of the ongoing pandemic and continuing travel restrictions, the CEENQA General Assembly will now be held as a web conference on July 17 and will include a short workshop on the challenges related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and their impact on quality assurance agencies.

Participants can register for the General Assembly and Workshop now. Please contact the Secretary General for more details.

CEENQA Workshop and General Assembly 2020 – postponed

Due to the coronavirus the CEENQA GA and Workshop will not take place on 14-15 May 2020 as was previously scheduled.

Effective from 10.03.2020 until further notice, all events with international participation are cancelled by a general directive for state administration in the Czech Republic. This is a pre-emptive measure to contain the virus and prevent its spread. It is not known for how long this measure will be in place but it disallows taking any further steps in the event´s planning and organization at the moment.

Considering this and the rapidly changing developments regarding the coronavirus in Europe, the CEENQA Board has unanimously decided to postpone the GA and Workshop to fall 2020. The Board will monitor the situation in Europe closely and communicate details about the postponed event as soon as circumstances allow.

CEENQA apologizes for the inconvenience and hopes to hold a successful meeting later this year.

CEENQA Member ASIIN (Germany) is Hosting the ASIIN Global Conference 2019: The Race is On – Pioneering Strategies for Tomorrow’s Higher Education

ASIIN would like to extend an invitation to all Higher Education Institutions, quality assurance professionals and other interested parties to participate in this year’s global conference, which will take place on 09 – 10 December in Dresden, Germany.

Covering game-changing developments in new forms of (life-long) learning, digitalization and internationalization, renowned international expert speakers will provide insights on how the HEI sector must improvise, adapt and overcome the manifold challenges and take a lead in the 21st century’s higher education landscape. For a complete picture, each topic will be examined and discussed taking into account the perspectives of stakeholders from the field of HE, QA and Industry. Among the topics figure the introduction of a new European framework for microcredentials (key note by Peter van der Hijden), QA in a world of disruptive Technologies, trends in online and blended learning, etc.

Click here for agenda and registration information.