CEENQA member calls for experts

The CEENQA member Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) is about to start its annual process of evaluations in Higher Education with international experts between December 2020 until June 2021.
KAA has recently launched a call for higher education experts from all fields of studies to become a member of an expert panel. CEENQA invites all interested individuals to answer this call for the purpose of international cooperation and quality assurance.
The criteria and other information related to the procedures of becoming an expert for KAA can be found here.

CEENQA Member ASIIN (Germany) is Hosting the ASIIN Global Conference 2019: The Race is On – Pioneering Strategies for Tomorrow’s Higher Education

ASIIN would like to extend an invitation to all Higher Education Institutions, quality assurance professionals and other interested parties to participate in this year’s global conference, which will take place on 09 – 10 December in Dresden, Germany.

Covering game-changing developments in new forms of (life-long) learning, digitalization and internationalization, renowned international expert speakers will provide insights on how the HEI sector must improvise, adapt and overcome the manifold challenges and take a lead in the 21st century’s higher education landscape. For a complete picture, each topic will be examined and discussed taking into account the perspectives of stakeholders from the field of HE, QA and Industry. Among the topics figure the introduction of a new European framework for microcredentials (key note by Peter van der Hijden), QA in a world of disruptive Technologies, trends in online and blended learning, etc.

Click here for agenda and registration information.

CEENQA Member IAAR (Kazakhstan) is Hosting the III Central Asian International Forum on Quality Assurance

The Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) would like to extend an invitation to participate in the III Central Asian International Forum on Quality Assurance. The Forum will be held on October 4-5 in Turkestan, southern Kazakhstan.

Forum working languages are Kazahk, Russian and English. Participation in the Forum is free, travel and accomodation costs are to be borne by the participant or sending organization.

Additional information can be found here.


Call for International Experts

The Academic Information Centre (AIC)/ Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) has issued an open call for international experts who would be interested to participate in the upcoming evaluations of study directions (study programme groups) in Latvia.

For more information see here