Thematic Working Groups

The CEENQA General Assembly and Workshop 2021

The upcoming General Assembly in spring 2021 in Istanbul will be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic into the late summer of that year. This will give us sufficient time to organize an exciting workshop dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and its effects on Higher Education. Two working groups will be assembling and prepare detailed studies on the topics on online evaluations and external quality assurance and online teaching at Universities. All members and interested stakeholders are encouraged to contact the working group coordinators for more information and in order to participate.

Working Group “Higher education institutions and online teaching in the COVID-19 pandemic”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic deeply affected higher education systems all over the world, this subject should be in the focus of the next General Assembly and Workshop in 2021. The working group “Higher education institutions and online teaching in the COVID-19 pandemic” will try to tackle major issues regarding HEIs work during COVID-19. Therefore we announce this call for contribution and propose possible subjects such as:

  •  Coping with a new reality – Quality of teaching processes during the pandemic
  • E-learning platforms and tools
  • Internal quality assurance in times of COVID-19
  • Case studies and thematic analyses – short-term changes and lessons learned
  • Post-pandemic education and research strategies

For more information and contributions please contact Duška Radmanović (

Working Group “Online Evaluations and External Quality Assurance”

Not only teaching and learnig have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; similarly, all traditional forms of external Quality Assurance needed to undergo a serious modification. Meanwhile, most agencies have adopted virtual approaches to evaluations, reviews, and site-visits. This working group will therefore be discussing topics such as:

  • Need for new legislation for online evaluations
  • Quality Assurance procedures in times of emergency remote teaching
  • Challenges of the online meetings and report writing for the Review Committee
  • New methodology / New technology tools
  • Technical infrastructure
  • The challenges of the virtual site visits
  • Evaluation of the online assessment methods and tools
  • Timings  and time limits of the meetings / sessions / virtual visits
  • Evaluation / Assessment of Teaching and Learning process
  • Protection of online data and Confidentiality of the interviews
  • Challenges for evaluating Internship and practical lab works

For more information and contributions please contact Olgun Cicek (